Recycled Tasmanian Oak Flooring


In our experience, Tasmanian Oak makes for one of the world’s most durable and reliable hardwood flooring options available. Not only does it last, making it perfect for reclaimed or recycling options, but it also has a unique finish and gloss that adds charm to any Australian home. As a hardwood, we find it provides density, resilience and warmth, along with a consistent grain perfect for all sized floorboards. Due to its colour it also matches naturally to other timber trimmings or furnishings. 

Our used recycled flooring in Melbourne Tasmanian Oak Flooring options are in top condition, with great fitting tongue and grooves. All reclaimed boards have been de-nailed, docked and packed from trusted sources, ready for repurposing. 

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Sizes include: 108 x 19, 133 x 19, 80-83 x 19

$40 per square metre

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